Highlighting over ten years of MF Wolik’s unique and original photography wall art. I believe that creativity and nature reconnect us to a deeper more meaningful side of life. Nature inspires me, my wanderings have brought me to over 30 National Parks in the U.S. as well as several in other countries. I’m currently working on a mountain of new imagery captured from Oregon, California and Nasa’s Mars Orbiter. Please turn on some atmospheric music and have a look around. Every art gallery on this website has the ability to go fullscreen.

“And what am I to love if not the enigma.”
– Giorgio de Chirico

Creating art is a natural form of communication and therapy for me. I use the camera lens to express a mixture of inspiration, spirituality and fascination. My abstract nature photography is created while hiking and exploring after my inhibitions have freely dissipated. During this naturally heightened and relaxed state, I become in tune with my surroundings and breathe in the experience. I then search for metaphors within natural subjects such as fire, water, lichen, silt, sand and rock. The photography reflection art is a culmination of artistic, natural, psychological, spiritual, explorations and interests. The reflections reveal personal experiences as well as possible insights into the collective unconscious. The reflections are created by mirroring abstract nature photography and nasa space imagery through an original artist created design technique without use of layering or filter manipulations. Through tiling patterns, I work with nature to express and reveal the unseen.

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Expand Sticker


EXPAND 4.25″x4″ weatherproof Vinyl Sticker.
Perfect for any vehicle, water bottle or laptop. Created with my Universe Reflection titled ‘Alien Casino’.

Expand Your Mind!
Expand Your Horizons!
Expand the Boundaries!
Expand Consciousness!
Expand your Dreams!
Expand your Limits!

Create Sticker


CREATE 3″x5″ weatherproof Vinyl Sticker.
Perfect for any vehicle, water bottle or laptop. Created with my ‘Tree of Life’ reflection captured from Canyonlands National Park, Utah.

Create Nature!
Create Positivity!
Create Change!
Create Beauty!
Create Relationships!
Be Creative!
Create, Create, Create!

Breathe Sticker


BREATHE 4″x4.25″ weatherproof Vinyl Sticker.
Perfect for any vehicle, water bottle or laptop. Created with my ‘Tidal Sunrise’ reflection.

Remember to Breathe!
Breathe Nature!
Breathe Life!
Breathe Slowly!
Breathe & Meditate!

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Original Photography Wall Art Booth

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Saturday Market in Eugene Oregon 
Downtown 8th & Oak 10am-4pm

November 20 – December 24, 2022
Holiday Market, Eugene OR
Booth#15 Aurora Blvd

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  1. We truly enjoyed your wonderful art today at The Saturday Market! The 2 small pieces I bought today are going in my living room! You’ve acquired a new fan!!!

  2. Magnifique création, tant dans le contenu que dans les moyens plastiques. Une maniére de manier le trait qui s’apparente beaucoup à l’art de la gravure sur cuivre.

  3. Your work is so creative and emotionally moving to me. I have a whole new knowledge into abstract photography. Keep the motivation flowing.

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