Universal Magic Book


Space Reflection Book
Universal Magic: Mirrors of Creation Volume 2
10″x8″ Hardcover Coffee Table Art Book
76 full-color pages containing 92 reflection artworks
Professionally printed on 100# Lustre
Artist written, designed and signed art book.



Back of Book Description: Universal Magic, Mirrors of Creation Volume II, expresses a cosmic thesis of space reflection works by artist photographer Michael F Wolik. The initial idea for this project sprang from the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park. From there, Michael created the Jupiter Reflections and then journeyed between planets ultimately arriving at the far reaches of outer space. Michael believes that by tapping into the energy at Yellowstone it opened him up to a new awareness translated in this book.

Michael perceives his art as a visual language as well as a vehicle. He also sees the reflections as a looking-glass where viewers receive their very own visions. In a sense, he uses your imagination to create art. The intention is that the art leads to positive outcomes and new understandings.

This book is designed in succession from our galaxy to the furthest reaches of outer space. The title Universal Magic is also an intended play on words. Look inside and find Universal Magic which spirals within the cosmos, the power of imagination, contemplation, emotion and the profound.

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